Cardinal Skin Care Series


Formulated for oily to acne prone skin types, the main active is tea tree extracts to naturally inhibit growth of pimple-causing bacteria.


Formulated for normal to combination skin types, the main active is aqua cacteen, an antioxidant that protects the skin from premature signs of aging.


Formulated for dry, sensitive, and in-prime skin types, the main actives are hyaluronic acid and yam bean extracts, synergistically blended to replenish skin moisture and balance the skin tone.


Formulated for darker and pigmented skin types, the main active is bearberry extracts, inhibiting tyrosinase build up thus promoting a lighter complexion.

Adjuvant Series

Acne Cure

Contains antibacterial and exfoliative properties to target precise acne healing.


These are hydrophilic products that delivers and preserves moisture on skin.


Formulated to effectively block the harmful rays of the sun and thus prevent sun damage wrinkles, premature skin aging, and unsightly pigmentations.

Illuminant Rx

Professional-grade whitening products that effectively illuminate sun spots, melasma, pregnancy masks, and other skin discoloration.


Precirex is a short for precise prescription. This is a line of antibacterial products, antifungal products, and antiviral products.