Our technique is based from European standards of facial massage, deep-pore skin cleansing, exfoliation, cellular activation, application of masks, and infusion of micronutrients.

Body Care

From distinctive and aromatic body skin exfoliation to therapeutic massages, we give body care services to enhance one’s skin health and well being.


Nature is our inspiration in aesthetics. We believe that beauty should always be closest to its natural state, that is why our prime objective in aesthetics is "natural looking”.


Nature is our inspiration in our cosmetic surgical services. We believe that beauty should always be closest to its natural state, that is why our prime objective in cosmetic surgical procedures is "natural looking”.
There are two Clarity Facials, Clear & Fresh and Rebalancing. These facials are intended for starters, budget-conscious and for chemically treated skin. Modestly clean the skin, pacify and calm redness thus giving clarity on over all skin appearance, rebalances the acid mantle (pH) of the skin.
Basic, Advance, Intense and Ultra are the four Purifying Facials. These facials are formulated for oily skin types and those with acne conditions. Rich in anti bacterial properties, these inhibit bacterial growth, purify and clear the pores of clogs and promote faster healing. They further enhance skin renewal activities.
There are six Infusing Facials. These are Mono Active, Dual Active, Tri Active, Quad Active, Tri Active with Refirmalift and Quad Active with Refirmalift. These facials are formulated for dry and sensitive and those whose skin is in-prime. Infusing essential skin nutrients and anti oxidants, they replenish moisture level, rebalance the oil and feed the skin with essential nutrients, preventing premature and visible signs of aging and further wrinkle development.
Diamond Vital, Diamond Prime, Diamond Prime with Refirmalift, Hydroxy Vital, Hydroxy Prime, Hydroxy Prime with Refirmalift are the six Illuminant Facials. These precise whitening facials inhibit tyrosinase, a key protein responsible in the melanin production (brown pigment) thus promoting a fairer, brighter and more even skin tone. These facials target dark skin, skin with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and skin with melasma conditions, truly an illuminant to the skin.
Exfoliation is one secret to maintaining youthful skin appearance. It promotes faster skin renewal, rids off superficial dead skin, evens out skin tone and replenishes moisture, restoring instantly skin’s original velvet-like softness and feel. Coupling the treatment with therapeutic aroma of either essential from flowers, fruits and woods, the treatment is a total senses indulgence. Body Skin Exfoliation comes in three varieties, Delicate Floral, Zesty Fruity and Evening Musk.
Our approach to Body Skin Whitening starts with adjuvant clinical approach, targeting specific body parts like inguinal (most private), under arm, neck & nape or whole body skin whitening. The approach begins from light exfoliation, application of whitening solution, masks or serums and ends with moisture replenishing gel or lotion application. Home care products maybe given if necessary.

For more serious whitening needs, we give professional approach such introduction of melanin-suppressants through IV therapy and oral supplementation.
Traditional massages has been one of the many alternative ways of improving blood circulation, relieving minor body aches and pains, distressing, calming and inducing sound sleep. At Montage, we combine traditional strokes with our modern facilities. We have packages of Swedish, Anma Shiatsu, Combination and Foot Reflexology.